In motion, tethered

It’s a waiting game, hanging in limbo, on hold for now, get back to you soon, hanging on for the moment, just chill while you wait.

When you are waiting for the next move in your life, a dangling string becomes your friend. So you grab hold, for you know when that opportunity comes, you are .. in.

But the old children’s show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” taught early lessons about “what can we do while we’re waiting, while we’re waiting, for something new to do.”

Everyone swims in this ocean of ebb and flow, everyone has to wait on something.

And patience could be a virtue, yet surely does not come easy.

You could be waiting on a job to open up. Start doing little things that will put you in the right place, at the right time.

Maybe it is a relationship. One person I know swore he would never find “someone.” And he sure did. Because while he was “waiting,” he got busy with some church work. And it is so cool to see those two smile.

Then there are more serious things. An illness. Waiting on surgery. Can they even operate where the tumor is. Someone I know is spending their time “living” and doing, planning, and trying, to the best of their ability, to be productive.

It is Monday, all. What are you waiting on?

P.S. On a whole different note, I think everyone should start the day by spending time doing something you really enjoy. Something you love to do. Present situation: my cat Molly taking a nap while I read. The sun is coming up, and traffic is starting to buzz. A brand new day is here.

close up of illuminated lighting equipment against the sky
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