I believe

I believe there is still good in the world, that love exists, and so does kindness. I believe that the sun shines above the clouds, and no matter how dark the night is, the stars twinkle in amazement, for light always rules the earth. I believe happiness is possible and that miracles happen, and that anything is within our reach if we only try, and never give up.

I believe in the words hope, faith and cherish, and their power in the common of the every day.

I believe that laughter is the blessing of God, and music embodies our deepest dreams. I believe joy is free, and purpose is plentiful, and that we were created with deliberate intent.

I believe every person is beautiful, and that success is not defined by the size of a bank account, but truly by how you make people feel.

I believe in the treasure of the past, the shimmer of the present, and every sunrise of tomorrow.

I believe.

Good night or morning all, be blessed in this marvelous time.

brass pocket watches
Photo by abdullah . on Pexels.com


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