The gift of your wonderful gift

When he grabs his guitar, he goes into a world all his own, singing, humming and playing, and it really does matter where he is.

An audience will gather every time.

My son Aaron has been in music since he was a child. Daughter Phoebe likewise plays and sings. Daughter Rachel has an awesome voice and son Josh plays and sings. Four kids I have, and they are all musical.

Myself, well, I sing better with a group. Not a soloist, but I do occasionally write songs, and once in a while, play the guitar.

I love when my family gathers, that music is always present.

When my kids were babies, I was a stay at home mom and music was a way for me to lighten my spirits. Guess my Mom and Dad blessed me with their music, as they also always played the guitar, bass and harmonica

art design gift heart
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or had the radio on in our house.

Now that is being passed to yet another generation, with my grandchildren.

A gift is a gift also to others, whether we realize it or not.

Over the years, I have marveled at people and their various gifts.

Painters, comic strip writers, home crafters, bounty hunters, airplane mechanics, event planners, writers, preachers and so many more …

What is your gift? It is that part of you the flows effortlessly out of you, that creator part of your inner being.

May you know you are a blessing, and may generations revel in the forward glowing of your truly remarkable gift.

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