Please excuse my coleslaw

There are 47 steps from the third floor to the first, and she carefully calculated how to bring leftovers from the office lunch home to her hungry household. Ribs, cornbread and coleslaw, they would eat well that evening.

Around the 23rd step, she felt a certain chill between the pan of cole slaw and her blouse.

Her coworker laughed. She laughed.

And then said, “Please excuse my cole slaw.”

Truth is, from point A to point B in life, things oft get messy.

A three story building in the downtown area looked like a war zone for months. “Please excuse our progress,” the sign said. And sawdust. The end product: beautiful retail space.

A ball of clay is unkempt until a maker comes along and gives it substance.

Cole slaw, redevelopment, and art.

What makes the world go round?

You do.

Have a fabulous day all 🙂

adult arts and crafts clay dirty
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