The sparkling cloud of belief

The distance between you and your dream is the measurement of the belief you have that it will come to pass.

One might say, well, what I want is impossible.

But history shows that is not true. Study famous inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, and you will soon find two commonalities: 1. They had a passion. 2. They never gave up.

How do you keep belief alive, some would say. Keep it ever before you.

Take a picture of the end goal. Make a list. Write it down. Put together a dream board to hang in your office. Or a scrapbook. A daybook or recording.

It is there. As close as the moment you speak, “I believe.”

It sparkles and shines. A glitter all its own, belief makes way for what would seem impossible.

Sweet belief, all. Share your dreams. Share your passion. Watch it bless the world, and return to bless you.

heart shaped fireworks
Photo by Kartik Gupta on

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