Various morning thoughts

Bidding good morning to everyone, she made her way to her desk, quickly turned on the computer, and her day began.

For the next 9 hours, nobody would say anything to her beyond the business of the day.

Coworkers, however, chatted and giggled among themselves, sharing anecdotes and talking about their weekends, and the newest car they bought.

A beautiful thing it was, lunch hour, and she would call friends or family.

Kindness is a beautiful thing, she thought.

Then lunch was over, and it was time to hit the rest of her day.

He did likewise. Clocking in for his shift, he walked about the property. Security was his thing. Night shift. Had done it for years. “I like it better,” he said, lighting another cigarette and tapping his gun belt, “because I don’t have to deal with people.” A veteran with PTSD, he enjoyed working.

He knew everybody, and even deputies in the area considered him “friend.”

Two women float into their office, bypassing other desks behind them. They visit and seem focused on their work and whatever they have to share about their day. Another worker nearby notices this, and tries to break into the conversation for assistance. Both look at the worker with blank stares.

Some have said the modern day workplace is toxic. Small businesses are growing in popularity because people want the freedom and interaction, and the ability to own an operation.

Scan magazine covers, and it seems everyone is trying to perfect their next new version of themselves.

Yet life is simpler, here and there.

In an Amish town in the heart of the midwest, a woman rises before dawn to make bread. Over the course of the

architectural design architecture building business
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century prior, this came to be considered by some of the modern world as “menial” work. Caring for a home was abandoned for corporate.

Her day consists of cooking, sewing, washing clothes. She is not alone. Joined by family and friends. They laugh. Enjoy sunrises, sunsets, and coffee.

In her community, there is no such thing as low self esteem, and shunning only takes place for offenses that break community law.

What does your world look like today? If you are blessed to have a job, that is good. And friends, even better. May the work of your hands be blessed today, whether on the farm, in the office, in the boutique or salon, on the road, on the beat, or wherever life finds you.

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