A candle bright

The child blew and blew, but the candles kept relighting, as his mischievous parents stood nearby with tongs and a glass of water.

There was something different about these sparkly candles, he surmised. The little family soon fetched the candles off the cake and into a glass of water, as the freckled face boy smiled.

red and green birthday candle with lights
Photo by nilesh panchal on Pexels.com

In another home, a woman held a hurricane lamp, cuddled with her children. The lights went out, and they were scared. “See how pretty the lamp is,” she said, as the storm roared.

At a concert hall in Orlando, all the lights went out, as a band started their performance. Intentional, it was. Soon, the fans held up lighted phones, and to gaze upon the crowds, it appeared as if all the stars had come out.

Light in darkness.

“The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”

Dark places are everywhere. Darkness, the opposite of light, seeks to overtake, whether through isolation, intimidation, fear, violence, ignorance, intolerance, or general unkindness.

Yet a tiny light .. it only takes a little .. can bring a warm glow to an environment, a situation, a struggle.

Be encouraged, dear heart. A little hope, a little faith, a little belief that things will get better, or really are better than what they appear, is often all it takes to shine.

Blessings all. It is Friday, and we rejoice in this day. Light the candle of someone whose hope seems extinguished.

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