But I will trust in You

In the distance, a buzz of early morning traffic joins the daily rooster call, as the world wakes up and rushes off to a brand new day.

Their destination? Who knows? School, work, the doctor, the store, the airport.

Oft times my heart gets heavy for those I knew who are in the midst of suffering.

I can’t fix it.

Heartache, disease, financial trouble, family or personal issues.

I have heard it said when religion or the subject of God comes up, that “I am not a religious person, not one of those, don’t care for church,” etc. And this I understand. I think somewhere along the line, we have seen bad examples of that walk and chalked it up to the unattainable. Somewhere, we got the idea that in order to approach God in this thing we call prayer, we need to be perfect. Sinless. Three piece suit.

So we pass on the dish like it is the proverbial plate of peas we despise.

Ok. So let’s say we do pray. “God help us.” A simple utterance. “Send help.”

I find the matter of praying itself is easier for me than “giving it to God,” as

seashore under white and blue sky during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

they say.

A motorcycle just went by. The cat is meowing loudly. Squirrel. The rooster.

So I decided to open a few devotion books (positive thoughts for said day.)

God must have a sense of humor. All three dealt with the issue of trust.

The latter part of Isaiah 55:23, “But I will trust in You.”

Trusting is a whole other matter, to me. Because if I am real here, I ask God a million times a day, “why?” It is the very question that got me grounded as a child. My parents allowed no room for such statements. Obedience. Period.

So I should be good at trusting.

To trust means I have to accept that I will never have an answer for “why.”

To trust means I need to do what I can in this world and accept what is, this life and all it entails.

To trust means I must come to know that my Creator loves me, and is not just waiting to chastise me for my every move.

To trust means that no matter what happens, as the sun rises and sets, God is, and will be, my Rock and Comforter.

“I will trust in You.”

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