A purposeful purpose

“Why am I here?” she said, after a particularly rough day at work.

Dealing with the public was easy, she said. But a coworker who bullied her seemed to be her anxiety.

I agreed with her. Nobody wants to be talked to like they are incapable of receiving a message.

So what does she do?

Well, I have written about bullying in various aspects .. most connect it to the school yard. Were that the case, I suppose there would not be numerous articles on the matter.

So here is the deal.

Number One. Realize God created you, a special being, with gifts and talents. There is your “why.” Unfortunately, you will always deal with what one of my pastors once called “sandpaper people.” In other words, folks who do not know how to graciously get their point across without, well, being a jerk.

Big smile. I know you are smiling, because we have all been there.

Number Two. Continue to do your best, be it in a family, work, sports, neighborhood or church setting. Because at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself.

Number Three. Obviously if someone is breaking the law, report it. But in most bullying scenarios, the situation is more of a pain than anything. So the third thing you can do is just .. be .. nice. (And I am talking to adults here. Regarding kids is a different matter and a whole other discussion.) Chalk their rough nature up to whatever experience or upbringing they have had, and as the Disney song says, “Let it goooo.”

Focus on the beautiful parts of your life. The people who love you. Your dog or cat. The things you enjoy. Get rid of the sense of dread. Get rid of the deer in the headlight look. Maybe even say to the bully about what they are saying that “hey that is a good idea” or whatever.

And realize that at the end of the day, since they are not in your beautiful world, that they are truly missing out on beautiful you, your contagious laugh, your loyal friendship, and the memories that could have been made.

You are here with a purposeful purpose.

This too shall pass. Have a splendid day.

To my regular readers, wanted to let you know that I have discovered there are not one, but three roaming roosters, and they all say hello. All is well in The Shire, though I am hoping for a dry day soon so I can weed.

man on cliff
Photo by Jacub Gomez on Pexels.com

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