The beautiful now

The news was not great when we heard the house needed to be tented for termites. Hence, a weekend in a hotel room. As my best friend and I hit the pool on the first beautiful day in ages (Florida has resembled monsoons lately) I put my phone down and covered it up, after, of course, taking a foot pool selfie to commemorate said luxury.

For a couple hours, we swam and soaked up sun. She had also just gotten some terrible news .. her hubbie has a tumor on his adrenal gland. He was out running errands, and there we were.

That is when I heard them.

In the middle of thoughts of the uncertainty of life, I heard what sounded like a chorus of grasshoppers, singing sweetly.

In the middle of the day.

A lizard scampered by, and the sky was a beautiful blue.

Now. The beautiful now.

Life is full of bad news moments. What ifs cloud the horizon.

The weather in Florida changes quickly, as well.

One hour later, the sky was pitch black and again .. torrential wind and rain.

One thing that has always helped me in times of trial is to focus on the beautiful now.

Yesterday’s grasshoppers inspired me and brought back memories of when I was a little girl at my Grandma’s house in Florida. Florida was always a healing agent in my life .. the sunshine, ocean breeze, rain and sand. I was always an anemic child, so the weather helped to right my system somehow.

Grasshoppers. Yes, I know the ones that sing in the daytime have a different name, but then I would have to minimize my phone screen while writing this blog to look it up.



Here is to a brand new day. Find something to ponder that amazes you. If you can, take a walk. Visit a neighbor. Call a friend. Paint. Garden. Swim.

Enjoy the beautiful now.

P.S. Molly says hello. My cat is an amazing study in herself.

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