The fascination of a cat

With her green eyes and spotted belly, she hefts herself onto the arm of my chair. The task at hand? Molly Moo wants to watch television. They say (whoever “they” are) that cats are widely captivated by all kinds of things. Sometimes Molly stares at the space above my head so intensely that I turn around to see what she is studying. And she does not blink.

But last night, she wanted to watch TV. Characters who are children especially fascinate her. So Disney is a plus. (Perhaps the mouse connection? Mantra: make this show so good even a cat would love it.)

Working my way through my plate of chicken and rice, I give her a bite of carrot.

So she loves carrots too.


I don’t know who watches who more .. she certainly is entertaining.

Months ago, I received a fidget spinner from a journalist friend of mine, just because.

I decided to let Molly give it a whirl.

And she did.

Making a short video of said fascination, I laughed in the background because she spun it first one way, then switched paws and spun it the other way.



I thought about Molly’s focus in life and how she seems to find things interesting. If you think about all you think about in a day’s time, perhaps you will find you are equally fascinated with life.

And yet, I don’t know about you, but I know I can dwell on the negative.

Positive thinking is always better.

Just ask Molly.

Molly Moo, how did you like the fidget spinner?

“Fascinating,” she says.

“Just like humans, it spins. One way. Then the other.”

I wonder if she thinks the spinner is the key to all things successful. She can push things off

blur close up fidget spinner fingers
Photo by David Bartus on

any flat surface, yet has not yet figured out how to get me out of her chair.


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