Dream a dream

Even a patchwork quilt starts with a plan. Take a bunch of scraps, find or make a pattern. Draw and cut the blocks. Stitch them together. A little here. A little there.

Every dream starts somewhere. So many times, I hear people say, “I always dreamed of ..” as they cast their eyes to the ground.

Be not downcast, O Soul.

The time to dream is now. Not tomorrow. Don’t put it off. Make a plan. Work your plan. Be kind to yourself. Smile and speak it into existence.

A blue and pink quilt awaits my attention. My little girl is all grown up, and the stitches are filled with my best intentions.

Today, I join my best friend at her son’s graduation. I think of dreams I have had that I have achieved and others yet to come.

It is never too late to go all the way. Whatever it is.

You can do this.

Make a dream journal. Or a board. Put motivational sayings in it. Write your mentors’ phone numbers there.

Walk with confidence, my friend. The more you speak your dream, the closer you get .. to seeing it achieved.

nature woman feet legs
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have a blessed day, all.

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