Imaginary tea

Today, I will live and dream. Today, I will cast aside the words “I can’t,” and will accomplish what I said I would do. Today, I will not dwell on past failures, things that have set me back, or the amount of strength I think I have. Today is going to be a good day.

In the course of this life, everyone has challenging days. It is what we do with the challenge that makes a difference.

As a child, I set up cardboard box tables to hold my tea set, and poured imaginary tea into my cups from a beautiful tea pot.

Cup on saucer, I handed one to my Granddad. And one to my Grandma. Then took a cup for myself.

Every day, we pour out of ourselves into life.

Is there a cup of blessing we can pass along?

I think so. Like imaginary tea, we have goals and dreams. And just because we are not “there yet” does not take away from the tea party. Sometimes the most formative thing we can do is just keep pouring.

Some things are not really about the destination, are they? But the fun you have along the way.

The sun is up and I will be headed to work. Six colorful glowfish occupy the serene aquarium in the hall, and all seem to be adapting to their new home. Oreo is asleep on my chair, and Molly? Who knows? Cats do not divulge themselves always.

Have a blessed day, all.

person holding gold teapot pouring white ceramic teacup

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