Leaves, soap and coffee cups

Her porch had a swing and a hanging flower basket, and the light was always on for me at night.

Grandma Ferguson believed in clean, simple living.

It is true that sweet memories are with you always. Money cannot buy the heart and spirit of time spent with someone you adore.

I spent a lot of time at Grandma’s house, and for a while, attended the nearby elementary school.

I was delighted when my parents allowed me to live with her those few months. Kindergarten was sweet because I was always well rested and I knew we would have supper when I got home.

My senses have always been keen. A few cops have told me that they are so keen they would like to make me a K9 lol. (Who smells ants?? I do.)

The fall air was crisp and full of the smell of burning leaves. Granddad and I raked them all up, and into the trash burner they went. If it was too dry, they were bagged. The smile on his face and the smell of the leaves is forever there. Simple fun.

Soap. Grandma’s house smelled like soap of all kinds. She collected a variety, and I was taught the difference between hard soap (for your hands) and beauty bars. Ivory was so pure, it could float, she said. We used it to prewash the clothes before putting them through (yes, the ringer!). Lifebuoy was Granddad’s soap. “It’s too harsh for you,” she said. My parents used to only buy Dial, and I was and still am allergic to it. She introduced me to Caress and Palmolive. I liked Caress better. The smell of both .. beautiful.

Her house also always smelled like coffee. She brewed coffee in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon as well.


Is it any wonder I have such a connection to my garden, to soaps, and coffee?

In this world where we cannot seem to look each other in the eye or spend time without our phones in front of us, I wonder if we have lost the sensory feelings we would have otherwise?

A blue jay just chirped. Still no sign of the rooster. Also, I thought I heard a pigeon somewhere.

Have a blessed day all. Enjoy your life. Creat opportunities to savor and be refreshed.

brown trees
Photo by Studio 7042 on Pexels.com

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