Time for you

“I am busy conquering the world,” she said. “No time for me.” Facebook timelines are telling as to busy-ness.

light nature sky sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A busy schedule can guarantee frayed nerves, fatigue and that run down feeling.

My Grandma was up at dawn every day. In fact, when we went to visit her for Thanksgiving one year, by 9 a.m. she had two loads of wash done, the dishes done, and all of dinner cooked. She sat down for a spot of coffee. And being off from work for the day, I slept in.

“Do you need any help,” I said. “Tis too late for that,” she mused, peering at me over the top of her steamy cup of coffee.

Sinking into the easy chair with my own cup of Joe, I thought wow.

Grandma was also a cosmetologist at one time. Every Saturday, her morning routine included washing, conditioning and rolling her hair. Then she cleaned house. Cleaned house! And the whole place smelled like bleach, vinegar (it conditions hair), Pledge lemon scented furniture polish and Windex. Sheets were changed. We were done by noon.


Saturday night, after supper, we did our nails.

“Take care of your hands,” she said.

She painted hers, painted mine.

Tweezing was next.

I ran.

As a teen however, I came to appreciate said routine.

Life had a cadence. Work hard. Take time for you. She never said “Take time for you.” We built it into our routine.

Another precious little Jewish woman I knew had a similar philosophy.

She also kept up with her nails and hair. Not a vanity thing for her. A former direct sales owner, it kept her current with the times.

Work hard. Conquer the world. Take time for you.

Maybe it is not a manicure. Maybe it is family time, or fishing, or front porch sitting. Gardening. Detailing your car.

Have a blessed day all.

I have not heard the rooster in a few days. Am wondering if our neighbors sported a chicken dinner somewhere. The cantaloupe vine is growing, and I have spring flower seeds and mammoth sunflower seeds to plant.

The Shire says hello.

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