Fireflies of my soul

The hill sparkled like a thousand diamonds, and I felt at home. Indiana, early summer, brings fireflies. I wanted to dance with them, celebrate in the musical glow, as they appeared, then disappeared, then suddenly burst forth in shimmers elsewhere.

It is no secret that I have a fascination with light. Anyone who has lived in the north and seen what the dark winters look like might agree.

When the snow melts, and sunshine returns …

The fireflies dance, the freedom of such captivates me.

What kindles your heart? What inspires you?

I wonder what it was like in the beginning of creation, when God said “let there be fireflies.”

Perhaps the angels were likewise mesmerized.

Knowing what inspires you is the first step to happiness.

Let there be light. In all its forms.

Have a blessed day today. We have four new glowfish that have joined The Shire. Inside, rather. As they prefer its blue light and bubbles to the garden, where they would be prey. I always name fish. So these? Back to that on another day. Two are yellow and two are pink.

Molly says hello and thank you very much. She has a following of her own, it is true. pexels-photo-1068536.jpeg

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