Precious You

“What you are doing here is so precious,” said a well known community leader to me as I covered a neighborhood watch event for the newspaper, years ago.

It was one of those things that some reporters would sort of pass by, as it might not, in their opinion, be of global significance.

Yet to the folks in that community, hundreds, it mattered. “Nobody has ever been out here before,” another person said.

So while taking photos and putting together a story, my mind returned to that word: precious.

Nobody had ever told me that what I was doing was “precious” before. Someone else, when hearing about my muse, commented, “they are just trying to schmooze the media.”

But I chose to keep the word at face value as a reminder of how little things we do .. really do … matter.

I am in a new occupation now, yet that philosophy has followed me.

It costs nothing to be pleasant and smile. We might think it is really “nothing,” yet truly, it is “precious.”

So today, I pray that you, the precious one, will walk in that light. That somehow, you will know how wonderful your contribution is.

Molly, my plump kitty, is making her way to my lap at this moment. I am a good cat Mommy, I guess. Methinks the fuzzy blanket remimds me of her Mum.

The rooster is not up yet, and why?

Perhaps sleeping in. Lol.

Rise and shine all. Hope you have a truly awesome day. pexels-photo-1005198.jpeg

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