Intentional carrots

agriculture-carrots-close-up-143133I unpacked my lunch bag, and there they were: a small bag of baby carrots I had intended to eat with my lunch.

Truth is, I like steamed carrots better than cold carrots. That’s just the way it is. Yet cooking removes some of the nutrients.

Thus. I am vexed over my carrots.

Am working toward a greener diet. I love vegetables and hot lunch. Yet every time I pack that bag: behold.

Intentional carrots.

Which leads me to my next muse.

What are other things I intend to do, but have not yet?

Some things in our daily box of to do are those essentials. We do those pretty routinely.

Spoke with a schoolteacher yesterday who says that every summer, she finally gets her house clean.

I am sure we all sympathize.

So this week, I am going to try to accomplish at least a few things I had endeavored to do.

Intentional carrots make me look like I have my life in order, but truly are nothing unless they are consumed.

That is all for today.

Happy carrots to you šŸ™‚

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