Farm cats and the sphere of blessing

PixelGardenSaturday morning usually finds me off and running somewhere, but today I slept in.

Consuming a gloriously slow cup of coffee, I open the window shade overlooking my garden, Fergie Shire. Without my glasses on, it looks like my birdbath was populated.

Wonderful! Glasses on.

A cat. Black and white fur ball of sorts. He has been hanging around on the farm so much, I think I should name him. Drinking. From the bird bath. And I thought, well, he sure looks at home. Another sip of coffee. A little of Facebook.

Blink. And he hops onto the second birdbath.

I am glad to be of service to you, I said. Seriously, the bird baths are for birds. And occasionally, the squirrels peruse.

Then I wondered who said cat belongs to. We have a few strays that show up at the farm, they eat and drink, and then are on their way. We are a blessing for a time, and Brownie, the (fixed, yes!) outside farm cat, seems to bring home other cats who need a respite. They stay a week or two. A few weeks ago, we had a Siamese .. beautiful cat, with a limp. Ate dinner a few times, then away he went.

I thought about my Shire. And other things that we as people set up for the blessing of one part of life, which actually turns out to bless many others.

Point is, when you try to be a blessing, you are. And sometimes when you are not really trying to be a blessing, you are. Think of all the wonderful things we can do in a day’s time. Living creatively, if we are able, we may try to join a community event, a cleanup, for example. Some go on mission trips. Others serve hamburgers. Wherever we are in the world, at any given time, we have the opportunity to bless.

Now, what should I name this farm cat who seems to be frequenting The Shire? Back to you at some point on that one. Molly and Oreo send their regards. The rooster is quiet today, and it looks like rain. Yes! We need some rain for the plants I dug into the garden yesterday. Have a blessed Saturday all.

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