An orderly life

The test I believe, for how organized I think someone is can best be seen by what the trunk of their car looks like. On that note, I once was cleaning out my trunk, and my son started laughing at me. He helped me carry items into the house, and said “Do you realize you have like 20 pairs of shoes in here?”

Of course, I did, I told him. I planned that. Working as news reporter at the time, I never knew when I was going to transition from a board meeting to a farm interview, etc.

Truth be told, I would change shoes, then get ready for the following day, and be like, well those shoes are in the trunk. So the shoes did accumulate!

(Twenty, I believe, was an exaggeration, but suffice it to say, I think I could have started a small business from the footwear in my trunk.)

Which leads me to spring cleaning. Spring has already sprung. And I look around my life to my room, my desk, my car. Work needs to be done. Soon!

So why clear clutter, why get organized? So I can focus on more important things. The elimination of distraction is a plus.

Another reason is so that I can do other things I have been meaning to do. Organize family photos. Work on my next book. Finish quilts and projects I have started.

Trouble is, many times we do not tackle a “spring cleaning” because we are after all, busy. We may work or go to school. So little victories become big. An out of control mail basket can be gone through and dumped or filed. A dresser top can be cleared and polished. Clothes can be folded, ironed. A little victory is better than none.

On a humorous note, when my Grandma passed away, my aunt cleaned out her kitchen and removed about 16 bags of old jars and butter tubs that Grandma had been saving. Hundreds! “What was mother going to do with all this?” my aunt said.

And we both laughed.

Uh-oh. You just laughed too.

Happy spring cleaning ya’ll. Here’s to an orderly life.

P.S. Molly, my fat spotted cat, walked down the hall this morning with a work glove in her mouth. She never says “meow.” Instead, it is always “Owww!” and thus, sounds like someone is stepping on her toes. She drops her catch and stays with it until you acknowledge her accomplishment. It’s pretty bad when the cat is better at housecleaning than you 🙂 pexels-photo-416480.jpeg


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