From one candle to another

A room full of high achievers passed the flame from one to another, until everyone in the group was holding their own bit of light.

A candlelight ceremony for those at the college who had worked hard, and their grades reflected it, was the beginning of a way of life for many of them.

A life spreading that light.

Sometimes the world seems dark and cold. It is true that without the presence of darkness, the light has no contrast.

To have a candle, a glowing flicker, when the lights go out is a comfort.

Anyone who has experienced a power outage at night knows the comfort of that flame (or flashlight, hurricane lamp, etc.)

Inspiration is as close as a bearer of light. A candle bearer could possible grow weary if they were responsible for lighting each person’s candle. Yet in such ceremonies, one candle lights another, and each shares their flame until all faces are aglow.

Bringers of light are the encouragers. Those who empower others. Spreading that energy, their influence goes beyond the stage, the board room, the decision making process.

Light bearers travel the world looking for those whose candle either has not yet been lit, or those whose candle .. through the storms and sometimes darkness of this life .. has been extinguished.

“For the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it,” (the Bible.)

Have a splendid day all! I wonder where our rooster is this morning. Perhaps sleeping in? pexels-photo-321444.jpeg

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