Leadership 101

Follow me, I know the way. Ever been in unfamiliar territory, and find someone who knows where you are going?

A friend requested I write a blog about leadership, so here goes.

The word “lead,” itself, can be misleading. Some think a good leader takes you by the hand, others say you just walk ahead a little to make sure the path is clear. Others demonstrate, then stand back and let you give it a whirl.

We say someone is a good leader if they seem to have followers.

Some leaders are known for their pizzazz. Others, their take it on the chin nature. We also say that leaders can show the way because they have “been there.”

There are some leaders who really do not know the way, but they are willing to try. Someone quits a job and management taps you on the shoulder, and says “tag, you are it.”

One of the best jobs I ever had started with about an hour of training. My boss looked at me on my starting date and said, “There it is. You will sink or swim. And swim you must.”

Personally, training is always a good thing.

But perhaps she recognized in me that fire to get things done. A sense of urgency.

Over the years, I have formed my personal belief of what a good leader is.

A leader does not make excuses. Nobody wants to hear it. There could be a billion reasons why something does not work. “We’ll take care of you,” I have found, is a good response. Leaders do not disregard a person in front of them who needs help. In a crunch time, where someone needs you to do something that simply will not happen right then (company deadlines, etc.), tell the person, “You deserve 100 percent of my attention, let’s meet ..” set an appointment and keep it. Or decide it more judicious to handle it then. (Is 5 minutes really going to affect your deadline? Why inconvenience people?)

Leaders care about the people they serve. Leaders always see a plan B and C if plan A does not work. There is no panic button. If you do not plan for a backup, then you have not planned at all.

Leaders do lead by example. However, a good leader will gather energy from the talented folks on their team. The Bible calls that “iron sharpening iron.”

Leaders realize this is not a one man or woman show. Teamwork. Team building. Team affirming. All are important.

Leaders make sacrifices. To be a leader does not mean you are right all the time. Nor does it make you the expert. One of the greatest leaders I know occasionally goes, “Ah. So that is what that means.” They keep an open mind.

Good leaders are always learning.

Good leaders know when to take a break. (Self care is super important. If you are not healthy and rested, it affects your performance.)

These are a few thoughts. I would love for you to share your thoughts. Others will read this and share, so we can all learn.

Have a splendid day all. Love what you do. pexels-photo-287240.jpeg

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