The whisper of my garden

Toting the day’s compost and a few sprouted potatoes, I padded out to The Shire (my garden) to “work in” the day’s fertilizer. A breeze stirred, the wind chimes jingled, and a hush blew through the garden. Admittedly, it does not look like much yet. There is a tree I have named Sam, a stately old oak, who keeps watch. It is a work in progress. I can see where I want to put my footbridge some day, with water flowing around it. A fountain. Foliage that gracefully stretches upward, outward, and seemingly around as well. I would love to add a coy pond, but knowing how critters are – that is a costly feast – so not thinking that would be a good fit. Various grasses, flowers, all things blooming and sweet.

Today, I have another addition – a second set of wind chimes I picked up from a spring sale. I hand water the cantaloupes. Fill the birdbaths. Pick up a few twigs. Then I stop and listen. The hush, the whisper of my garden. Some would say plants do not talk. No, I do not hear voices. But life is there. And time spent near the things that God created is good. The whisper is soothing. I believe the human mind benefits from such time. It is not gathered as we rush. It is not enjoyed as we peck away on our devices. I always joke with my friends, “I had a conversation with my green peppers today.”

The whisper: just breathe. Feel the breeze. Listen to the chimes. Birds are everywhere. The squirrels bark and the rooster crows. Of course, the rooster. He is always in these blogs, isn’t he?

Perhaps you do not have a garden. Find a place where you can listen to the whisper of nature. Breathe. Enjoy. Relax. Be refreshed.

You will be glad you did. flowers-background-butterflies-beautiful-87452.jpeg

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