Streams of discovery

In the mountains of West Virginia, one who wishes to take the less traveled path has the opportunity to explore bubbling streams. Streams have a voice of their own, perhaps even, a song, that winds its way down rugged rocks and through dense forests. “Come along with me,” they seemed to beckon.

And so I did. Some streams trickle. Others rush. Still others sort of joyously find their way. Clear, pure, mountain water, a keeper of secrets past, I suppose.

On a family trip when my children were young, I found myself fascinated with such streams. I wondered what travelers waded through them, and if they found the same comfort I did. Some streams flow over large, smooth, rounded rocks. They are the kind of rocks that would be nice in a garden. I was amazed at how smooth indeed they were.

Simple things make me happy, I guess.

When I think of streams, I think of fresh water, a spirit of exploration. I see possibilities. Streams have an energy. (I.E. One reason settlers often set up camp near a stream and built water mills.) The very sound of water flowing is soothing.

While it is true that man could create a stream, there is nothing like the organic to inspire.

I have heard it said in the Bible “streams of living water” will flow from our souls. And I believe it. There is a water that has life in it, created, refreshed, sparkling, it bubbles forth into all the world.

Just like a stream.

What I have come to realize about myself is that as a created being, I am meant for blessing. And so are you.

How are you today? What burdens your spirit? I find a satisfaction when I am able to allow the Creator time to create in me that daily stream that flows to the rest of the world.

May your waters be clear and bubbly. May ye be sparkly and inspiring.

May your travels be full of light. May others be comforted when you are near.

Have a blessed day all. The rooster crows again this morning. I think he wants to say hello. So hello, from him. pexels-photo-355350.jpeg

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