One package of seeds

I can see that one day when all these seeds sprout, I will say “well it all started with a goodie bag I received at a creatives get together.” It was a special event where artists, musicians and crafters gathered to share the evening. And everyone took home a little brown bag.

I have had these seeds for a few months. In their package, they will not grow. They need to be mixed with dirt, water and sunshine. The rest happens naturally. Looks like the bag contains citrus, beans, corn, peas, and a few others I do not recognize.

So they went in little pots outside today, in my garden I call “Fergie Shire.”

As I planted my seeds, I thought, you know we all start out as a seed. Then we grow.

Sometimes there are multiple periods of growth in our lives. We try new things. We lend ourselves to the process of change for the optimum outcome.

I find that I personally like to grow. To learn new things.

On another note, I feel we are all happiest when closely connected to nature. The breeze, sunshine, smell of jasmine. It’s all good.

Meanwhile. Do you have seeds you have not planted? Figuratively or literally?

Your thoughts on this ..

I hope you have a fabulous day 🙂yellow-spring-flower-closeup-6447.jpg

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