Be still

Trying something new this morning: behold, a blog from my phone!

Presently, I have a cat on my lap, and one on the floor. Oreo is snuggled in, but Molly is loving at a distance today, as she occupies a magazine on the floor.

Not sure why cats are drawn to sitting on squares. But if you put a book on the floor, a mat, a flat square, they plant themselves firmly upon it.

What is it about that square?

I have heard it said some folks are task oriented, while others are goal set.

Task oriented folks can only work on one thing at a time, while goal oriented folks multitask.

I have always been goal oriented, one who can do 6 things at once. It is a gift, as well as a challenge. The challenge being that when one leaves work, learning to just sit by a lake, a shore, or in a garden, and be –pexels-photo-216587.jpeg takes effort. Most of the time, I am in “do” mode.

Yesterday, I came home to The Shire and planted another flower. I stopped, literally, for a moment just to breathe the fresh air.

Balance. Life. Bliss. Quiet. A spirit renewal.

Molly has left her square on the floor, off to eat breakfast, I think, before her busy day.

My heart is full this morning as I think of all my personal blessings. Now to get moving, my busy day.

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