Am I doing enough?

pexels-photo-326055.jpegThere it was, an update on a friend’s timeline, simply: “Am I doing enough?” No other disclaimer. No explanation. Knowing the individual, it could have been work, parenthood, reaching the world at large, anything.

But it made me think. “Enough.” What exactly is “enough,” and how do we know if we are “doing enough”?

Our neighbor’s beloved rooster is crowing loudly this morning. I find I look forward to that element in this cadence of life. Some would say, “enough!”

I find that I ask myself the same question as my friend. Do I do enough? First, the definition of “do” must be defined. If “do” is share sunshine with the world, then there really is no “enough.” It becomes a lifestyle.

Smile at the world. Share some sunshine. Speak to the lonely. Encourage the downtrodden. Open doors for the elderly. Respect their words, also. Listen more than we speak. Be kind. All things that make the world a better place. So in that case, perhaps there never is an “enough” to be addressed.

“Enough” also implies that something could be lacking. Not enough means there is a need there. An unmet need.

Then there is the flip side of all things kind and good. Doing “too” much. How could this be defined? One would say that if a butterfly does not struggle, then it cannot fly. The cocoon becomes the training ground. The cocoon is the “enough.” Anything I would do would interfere with that process.

I think of raising children. My kids all know how to cook, sew, clean house and how to communicate. As they were growing up, I gave them liberty in the growth process. One would say well they failed at making eggs. Failed at sewing a seam. Failed at walking, even. But, no. As their mama, I worked with them. Supporting, but standing far enough so they could learn their way. “Enough” became knowing that distance or proximity. (I am so proud of them. I still ask myself if I was good “enough” as a mama.)

These are my thoughts for today on “enough.” Share the sparkle with the world. Perhaps the question some would truly ask is “am I enough?” More on that on another day. Your thoughts?

Have a splendid day, all. You are a blessing and probably don’t even know it.

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