A world of possibilities

pexels-photo-926982.jpegRush hour traffic had me caught at a stop light, watching the world whiz by in planes, trains and automobiles.

Well, not really. Just cars. Lots of them.

Then a really cool pickup truck went by, hauling a fishing boat behind it, equally as nice, and I was like, wow, wonder where he takes that?

What that boat does, I thought, is open possibilities for him. Provided he has a truck to haul it, and gas in the tank, and insurance and licenses for all of it. He can go anywhere with it. It is there. A way to get out on the water, away from the shore.

I see a world of possibilities. That is why empty journals fascinate me. And balls of colorful yarn. Skeins of thread. Empty boxes, baskets.

It does not bother me if something is empty, it is fillable. And that to me, is sweet.

So a new thought today. I learned I am an opportunist. Opportunities are everywhere. To learn, to grow, enjoy, explore.

The light is now green.

What shall we do?

Have a good day or evening, when you read this. Never stop enjoying life.

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