Easter reflection in a shiny egg

pexels-photo-953057.jpegSunday mornings were busy times at my great grandma’s house. She is the one who led me to Jesus, and she is the one who made Him a priority in her life. Sunday morning started the night before, with the television shut off, and a gospel radio program playing while she rolled her hair, trimmed her nails, and laid out her Sunday clothes. Bible reading was next. Then prayer.

Sunday morning found her up before the sun, cooking in her kitchen, putting together a salad, a roast, biscuits and other items. We dressed and out the door we went, to church.

But Easter morning started even earlier than simply Saturday night. That was a week long process, as we shopped for candy, baskets, grass, and sometimes, crosses and things of that nature.

I stuffed eggs, colored eggs, made baskets full of grass.

Then she would hide them, sometimes with the help of all my uncles and aunts, after church.

We had an old fashioned Sunday dinner. Then a family egg hunt. Every. Year.

Easter reminds me so much of her. Easter eggs especially.

So today, when getting my nails done for Easter at my nail salon, I admired their Easter lilies and their shiny, glittery eggs that hung from a beautiful indoor tree.

There must have been a hundred of them or more.

For just a moment, I was a child. I have not had an Easter basket since I was a kid. I find that I wish I did, although I would have to eat sugar free candy now.

Because that .. reminds me .. of the woman who changed my life. At such a young age. And for that, I am grateful.

Grass, shiny eggs, newness. A cross. A lily.

“Behold, I make all things new.”

May you have a blessed Easter. And if you do not have memories such as these, why not make them?

It is never too late to make a memory. You never know if it might actually be your legacy.

2 thoughts on “Easter reflection in a shiny egg

  1. Easter was a special time for me too. Morning would wake with a basket full of goodies and searching for eggs. We would go to church or sometimes would go to the sunrise service. We were always with family.

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  2. My easter was so different from yours.. But we lived in different cities..no easter eggs..New York is a very cold City….everyone is for themselves…they forgot family values because they are too busy… Easter Parade was the big thing…Church was a must but I felt was a show…look at my hat…look at my dress..walking down 5th Ave….then going to eat at a families home. Which was fun because we were together…but the true meaning of Easter I understood later in life while in PR trying to find myself…I was confused..but I found myself and realized the purpose of my life…they helped me continue my journey. Where it will take me..I have no idea….but I know that it will take me to a better place….my arms are open to u dear Jesus…lead my way. I only have the rest of my life.

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