Mind size food

pexels-photo-256546.jpegIt is 6:30 a.m. and still dark outside.

I am up before the rooster today. He is slacking, for sure.

Up, mind-feeding.

A pile of books on the couch beside me, my cat Molly eyes me thoughtfully, hops up for a head scratch, then leaps across the room. Characteristic for her, our relationship is entirely on her terms.

The steam of the coffee helps me focus. The literary pile includes my Bible, a motivation book, my dream and plan journal, and my diary. Pretty basic, really.

Everyone has a diet. A food approach.

Time to think, pray, read, write, and create becomes calories for my soul.

Everyone has something that motivates them.

What is yours?

If we think about it, all motivation goes through our mind first.

Hence, the thoughtful feeding.

We are all “fed” different things. Things people say – bad or good – stick to our brain. Advertisements of what we should be, but are not. Unmet quotas, unreached goals. The speech inside our head can really get in the way of what we want to accomplish.

In Annie F. Downs’ book, “Looking for Lovely,” she talks about various things she tries in an effort to find the lovely in life. I am enjoying it immensely and find it motivating.

To call such a book, a “self help,” kind of takes away from its golden quality.

But Annie manages her life, and I manage mine.

That is how it is with all of us.

Mindful feeding is a deliberate feeding. When I take time to write down goals, articulate what my spirit needs, lose myself in prayer, growth takes place.

I love gardens, and my brain is full of such flowers and trees.

Consider how we fertilize our minds. What are we taking in, over the course of the day? What is helpful? What is counter-productive? What is beautiful and stirring?

Have a blessed day, all. The sun is still not up. But I am ready for the day.

Maybe this week, pick up a special journal. Decorate it, or not, in keeping with your taste. Make a list of your hopes and dreams. Write down books people mention to you, and find a way to read or listen. Find time to ponder. It will be good for your soul.

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